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What Is Digital Illustration?

With evolution of technology, an image creation is no more limited to just painting on canvas. Nowadays, everything is based on digital technology and even an artist can produce images using digital tools. This is known as digital illustration. Such images are usually created using devices like mouse and tablet.

You should not misunderstand a digital illustration to be a computer generated art because the latter is actually created with the help of mathematical models using a computer by the artist. Also, do not confuse it to be anything like digital manipulation of photographs. For more information visit

The most important equipment for a digital illustrator is a graphic tablet. This can help an illustrator to draw very easily in any direction which will appear more lively and natural line created by free hand. Another great thing about these tablets is that the surface is very pressure sensitive. And you can make bold lines as well as faint lines and also it can be broad or thin.Initially, you might feel a little discomfort to create your designs but with some practice you will find it very natural to draw on a tablet.If you want more accuracy with the strokes in the image then you can opt for hybrid graphics tablet but its hardware is quite expensive.