There are many benefits of using digital illustration. Some are mentioned below:

  • One can access unlimited toolkit for drawing digitally which is not possible with canvas paintings.These toolkits have features such as shapes, color themes, patterns and brushes.

Nowadays, there are a lot of toolkits Apps which can be easily downloaded in your phone and later can be used whenever required.

  • Through digital illustration one can conveniently turn any real time object into a digital image with the help of texture, brush, vector shape or colors which is not always possible with hand painted picture. You can design sitting at any place because the equipment required for digital illustration are portable.
  • Usually, for any creative process, the designers prefer to sketch their ideas. Sketching on paper might be an easy task but later transferring it to a digital medium can be a very tedious process since he will have to scan or trace or maybe he will need to recreate a digital version of the sketch that was prepared initially.But with a digital illustration, you can easily use the image created into an InDesign, Photoshop or Illustrator file.
  • Because of digital apps, innovative pens and improved hardware coming into picture, nowadays artists are able to create such digital arts that gives a very realistic look.
  • Since apps and hardware are evolving for better emulation of paper experience, most of the designers are adopting digital illustration as an integral part of their creativity. With advancement of technology, different forms of painting will be enabled by digital illustration.
  • For any creative idea, if it is initiated digitally then the whole process gets faster for turning ideas into designs ready for production.